Review: The Part I Left With You.

‘Of course I am unhappy, almost every creative person is. They are always unsettled with the things around them. That is why they are pushed to create new things as an escape from or as a response to reality. If they were happy with the world around them, they would never feel the urge to... Continue Reading →


I wake up in the morning, already looking forward to the time I can sleep again. That's how the day usually starts for me. I wake and start my chores right away, keep an eye on the clock, make breakfast, then lunch and then dinner. And the time in between of these preparations, I get... Continue Reading →

Release Day!

Happy release day to THE VERITAS PROJECT! Want to get your hands on some exclusive, limited time bonus content? Grab your copy of the ebook or the paperback this week and you’ll also get: 1. A BONUS CHAPTER, not available anywhere else 2. Discussion questions suitable for classroom Socratic seminars or book clubs 3. 7... Continue Reading →

Little things!

I don't like to talk about the time when we dined in a five star hotel or about the time when you took me to your yatch and we sailed through the sea like sailors and you talked about all the fishes you have ever caught. No, I love to talk about these things but... Continue Reading →

I love you

I was weak to trust you with my tears, I have been stupid to trust you with my secrets. I won't say you don't deserve them, because you deserve everything that is mine the moment I started loving you. It's just that I can't trust you with them because love, tears, secrets don't have to... Continue Reading →

Review: Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman

Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman by Mehool Parehh Name: Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman Genre: Mystery thriller Publication Date: 15th January, 2020 Publication House: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd Source: Publishing House A beautiful woman is found brutally murdered in her bed. The usual suspects are arrested by the Police until an odd-ball amateur sleuth starts to investigate. Something about the murder does not... Continue Reading →

Could Have!

I could have been at a better place, I could have been luckier than this  I could have done better, I could have prayed for my own fate.....there it is, always, could have been. I think even the people in Jannah will be like: we could have done more good deeds and get a better... Continue Reading →

Review: Villains Never Die

"In this world, the lines of good and evil are not so stark. Here, heroes may never be forgotten, but villains never die." Villains Never Die by Nick DeWolf Name: Villains Never Die Genre: Thriller, Scifi Publication Date: 22nd January, 2019 Publication House: Vintage City Publishing Source: Author It started when the warehouse exploded. But... Continue Reading →

About hurts and happiness.

What gives you happiness and what hurts you? I don't remember which birthday it was but I have this memory of my brother climbing down his bicycle, and trying to hide a book inside his shirt and I caught him. And laughing, he gave me my gift. That was happiness. My brother remembering what I... Continue Reading →

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