I never was a organised person.i never made timetables, never tried resolutions and planner is something I don’t like. So, when everyone start making resolutions I was still sitting with mess of books and diary and pen around me. But I think then I too thought of making resolutions and actually thought of writing them down that when I see them in might actually try and put them in my life. To tell you the truth I am not penning down big goals and hard resolutions instead I’ll try with something easy. So here are my resolutions of 2018, my first ever lost of resolutions.

Reading resolutions:

  1. Read 25 new books (I’ll do some rereading too)
  2. Complete the incomplete series on shelf. (I keep buying books buy there are 2 whole incomplete series on shelf which I need to complete.)

Writing resolutions:

  1. Write at least one blog each month.
  2. Write 2 reviews of books.
  3. Complete 3 travel reports in this year (with pictures)
  4. Write 3 poems in each month

Other resolutions:

  1. Make a scrap book for photos and memories.
  2. Start taking interest in cooking and other household chores. (I sucks in that but I think it’s a good thing so I should start doing that.)
  3. Learn French (I love this resolution, I’ve wanted to learn French since God knows when. I don’t know how this got into me but it is here and I want to do this.)

So here’s my list of resolutions and I really hope that at the end of this year I’ve done all this 🙂

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