A Love Story

Hello guys,

Recently I came across a contest of writing a love story and winning some books. I was too busy to look at it properly and scheduled it for later but i completely forgot about until the organizer of the contest reminded me that only an hour after the contest will end. You cannot imagine my panic as i began to work on it and wrote the most common and short story and entered and to my pleasure and surprise I won. Happy of course, i though of sharing it here. So here it is:

She was just a girl who cried a lot in alone for she believed that there is no one to understand her tears and of course there wasn’t. Yet there was a painter, a unknown and poor painter looking for inspiration and one day he found that in a girl walking down an alley cheeks wet with tears. He painted her and that became his masterpiece and gained fame yet she remained unknown of her being model of someone’s masterpiece. Yet somewhere else, a boy seeing these painting made her, his fantasies, his dream she was unknown of. And when he finally saw her, live, in flesh and bone, he knew that painting were nothing compared to what HE had made. And next moment he was on his knees asking her to be his lady and she was confused for she didn’t understood but she gave it time and after only few months she started to believing and understanding and love the hands which can wipe her tears and tongue which can whisper soothing words. And the painter now had a happy couple to paint.

Thanks for reading, that’s all for today 🙂

Adeena Syed

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