Happy Women’s Day!!!!

And after all those months she was lying on the hospital bed cradling in her arms an infant, little piece of life, her daughter. She kissed her forhead and murmured, “Welcome in the real world.” Years passed, she nourished her, cleaned her, ran on her cry, laughed on her playful mistakes, picked up whenever she fell and grew her up as a beautiful girl who married a man who loved her. And after some more time, she was sitting next to her daughter’s bed in the hospital where the now grown up girl was going to have her first baby.
“Mother?” she said in a meek voice.
“Yes?” replied mother with a smile.
“Will it hurt?”
“I dare say it will.”
“Then how can everybody expect health for both of us.”
” I’ll will tell you”, said mother shifting slightly in her place, “Just think that the child you’re going to have someone who was part of yourself moments ago, just think about those tiny hands clutched in fists and that same size of heart beating somewhere in the delicate chest. Think about those soft lips with which the child will call you mother. Think about those beautiful things, my strong girl, and you’ll love the pain.” and with these words she got up and kissed her forhead.

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