The Unsung Women

Hello guys,

While writing my last blog this Women’s Day i was struck with an idea, that widely celebrated this day is yet how less women in India celebrates and enjoy it. I wanted to write those women i found the most hardworking in my country. So here comes my little writing dedicate to those who don’t do what they are doing for themselves but for their husband, children and family of in laws. This blog of mine is for those who struggle all through their life for other’s dreams yet remain unsung even by their own people.

It was the day like every other day she lives in. waking up before the sun, feeding the hens and cows, milking the cows and buffaloes, cleaning the sheds and yard….these were just some chores with which she started her day.

She was only sixteen when she got married, adding some more responsibilities for her and roles to be played. Now she was not only a daughter and sister: trying to complete her family’s expectation but she have one more family to look after, role of wife, daughter in law, sister in law and soon mother to play and no one wanted her to sway in her duties a bit. She remembered her mother saying to her before night to her wedding, “Keep mouth shut, use it only when your mother in law allow, make your hands move faster and never carry a weak body, it is of no use for a family.” And she had remembered that. She had worked hard, trying to please every member of her family. At the age of thirty she had four more responsibility as her children, even with them she seldom failed in her duties from cooking, cleaning to helping her husband in farm. She know they were not poor but also cannot afford hiring man to help in fields and so this was her another duty.

village womn

village woman cooking

She was not alone doing all these things with just mere single human body, there were other women as well in the village doing as hard work as her yet when this day arrived, the eighth of March no one remembers these hardworking, tough ladies of small villages, and it doesn’t matter to them because for them its their duty, and their family’s right to make them do that, and for some even pride. Where modern women spend the day as celebrating “International Women’s Day”, wishing each other, accepting speeches in their honor, piling gifts received from their fans, called the strong women, there remain a group of illiterate, village women who are aware that even such day exists. So, let’s all be as strong as village women and as selfless as them and let us, like them don’t care of appreciation but need of our family and surrounding because being a traditional housewife doesn’t mean you are backward.

Adeena Syed

Writing because I want to.

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  1. A very thougth provoking article on the unsung heroes of our country…a true depiction of their selfless love and sacrifices which they make every single day…thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts Adeena..😊

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