Dharmyodha Kalki: Avatar of Vishnu; Review

I started this book quite a long time ago yet wasn’t able to finish quickly because of my being busy and because the book was not that catchy. well, here is the full review for the book: Dharmyodha Kalki Avatar of Vishnu.

Before I start I must tell you that this book is the work of pure fiction and only the characters’ are taken from the Kalki Purana, a book in Hindu Mythology. And according to the writer, only the names of characters are taken from the mythology.

The book narrates the story of a village boy, Kalki, who have strong powerful body and is able to do miraculously powerful physical work, but only few of people know about this ability of his body which include his father, mother and a girl Lakshmi. And fewer know the reason behind it. Yet when Kalki himself find the reason and the destiny which awaits him, its life changing for him, full of adventure but sacrifices as well.

I love the starting attitude of the writer, the bold starting and the confidence of the characters. The writer does not wait to create too many scenes to start the story instead started the story and adventure straight away which I liked most. The character of Kalki is brave and ready to even kill for his loved ones, and it was quite clear from the very starting chapters that he will be willingly fight the mountains to protect the ones he love. The hardworking father and a mother with so many nice advises  toward a literate brother makes a good family. “With great powers comes great responsibility” is an universally acknowledged and Mr. Missal has proved it with Kalki but with Kalki it is that he is also loving and ready to spend his powers for good cause.

Yet what I did not liked about the book is that the writing style is complex and at some places I cannot place the scenario according to the words. The characters did not stay into their own characters instead can do something which you won’t expect from them. Also there were some scenes where i was left to think that, was it like that at that time?

kalki pic

But I found some characters quite impressive and will pick them if asked to pick any from this book: Lakshmi, who was the love of Kalki, went to city to her aunt to study (this was the one of those things i thought if it was allowed at that time seeing the women in some parts were very much dominated by males), Ratri: another independent and bold women and aunt of Lakshmi.

There are one or two scenes which can raise your heartbeat and won’t allow you to put the book down but overall it is a light read with not o much tension. Being the first book in the series it nice though some points left unexplained which i hope will be in next books.

I will give it 3 starts for writing, 2 for characters, 4 for story and another 4 for cover.



P.S:The book was given to me by the Fingerprint publication house for reviewing.

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