For the Smile of Your Eyes: Review

This book has became the smile of my eyes 🙂 In the midst of books which are of total fantasy world and non human characters, this book brought me back to earth no show me the love which can be found, the romantic stories we girls really want in our simple lives. The story is about an ambitious man Riley Stacy pursuing his dreams and he’d go to any end to win them and he don’t let anyone hurt his ego, mind it. Yet he is in circumstances where he’s hiding in a deserted place with a girl who have her own haunting past. I am not a great fan of love stories but what I love about this book is its full of lovely quotes which we can so easily relate to our daily, simple lives. “Places tend to exert strange influence on people. They somehow find a way inside you, change you ever so slowly, and make you just the way they are.” The way of writing is so simple and lovely that I found myself falling into it. The words are simple yet carry such a meaning and emotion that you can’t help but fall in love with them. The other things I likes are the characters. The main character, Riley is shown so ambitious and selfish and how he does things is so natural from his characteristics yet his opposite, April, is talking about giving and is courageous and holds her ground till the end. As I have recently found this thing with some authors they can’t hold their characters apart yet here, I never once saw characteristics overlapping with other characters. A simple and light read to finish in only few sittings yet some lines are to be kept forever. What I don’t like about this book is: sometimes it was quite dramatic and it remind me of Bollywood. The past, the villian, the panic, running and fussing and then all happy. Yet I still love this book and will recommend to anyone who love light and happy-ending stories. P. S: Thanks to the author to send me his lovely debut to place in my library.

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