The Woman Behind the Waterfall: Review

I love this magical book.

The story is about the relation and bond that mother and daughter share and how, for the mother the most beautiful thing is the face of her little one and most important is to protect her child even when the child is the result of her ill choices of past. And for daughter, that protection is everything she feel in arms of her mother and how a few tears of her mother matters so much to that little soul. The story rotates around the little girl, Angela who is the happiest soul in the little village of Ukraine and her imagination goes wild with nature, turning her into bird. Until she saw her mother crying and the darkness becomes to come to her. But Angela can save her mother from all that darkness and make her happy again: that is the view of her grandmother, dead before Angela was born, but she has returned in the form of spirit to help Angela and make her daughter happy.


When I start reading this book I knew I am gonna love it because it was so beautiful and all those beautiful scenes and nature talking, and little Angela exploring and dancing. I found the part 1 of the book totally poetic. But I couldn’t tell where the story is going until the part 2 and suddenly I found myself caught up with the story.

What I like most about the book is the way all those beauty of nature is described it gives the poetic touch, I love how free and full of imagination Angela: the seven year old is, for children are like that, and yet how the darkness of mother can change the lives of their children and how mothers are so desperate to take care of their children.

Yet many of the readers of this book might not find it a magical and brilliant like I did because:

  1. The book is in such a complicated form, that sometimes I found myself rereading the previous paragraphs.
  2. The scenes changes suddenly and completely which gives the feeling of “something amiss”.

It’s true that the story, characters and plot is magical but the complication of the book and the writing style is something which can be made but more simple. But then I think, if it will be simple, it won’t be that magical.

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