The Game of Emotions.

“What’s wrong?” he said, after about half an hour silence he thought he better ask or the silence will continue. “It’s hard to put into words”, she whispered after a minute. They were sitting on that usual rock, their happy place, watching the city from up too high. “I think you should try, you are good with words.” She smiled a little and said,”I am in that state where I don’t know what is my state, got it?”
“Not a bit.”, he said with narrow eyes.
“Knew it”, she sighed then continued,”I am feeling so many things at a time: anger, fear, sad….all negative and I am not liking it at all but also I don’t want to come out of this shell of mixed feelings. Then I feel disgusting because how foolish of me to remain in such negative place but I am also feeling miserable because I don’t know how to come out of it. And then there is a burden which have to do nothing with all those emotions and that burden is so difficult to understand that I don’t know what exactly is want to feel and what I want to do. And this is all so painful and confusing that I want to escape from my own mind leaving my thoughts but then I also want to live it this negativity as if that’s it should be and when I think that’s it, I’ll live in that negativity, my other part shout for escape. And all this gets too much and I start getting angry but then I understand anger can’t help, in fact nothing can so I want to cry but my logical part says to solve the problem but I also don’t what exactly is my problem! Does that make any sense?”, she concluded finally turning to him at the end of her speech. His eyes were wide and he was not blinking.

“Doesn’t make any sense.”, she murmured turning her gaze to the previous scenery. “I think”, she begun again,”that in short I’ll call it emotionally exhausted and burdened.” And with that she heard a sigh and turned towards him again.

“Only three words for all that mess?”, he said, plucked the grass from the soil and looked at her. She shrugged and then both turned their gazes towards the horizon, lost in their own separate thoughts again.


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