Leonora Meriel: an Interview

If you have been keeping am eye on my posts here you must have noticed that I posted a review of “Woman behind the Waterfall” and how much I love it. TWBTW

I think it happens with all us that when we read a book our brain raises some questions we want to ask to authors so when i got this opportunity to send interview questions to the author of this lovely book I didn’t wait and though there are only questions here they are something. But before you face those simple questions and lovely replies I want you to learn a bit about our author.

Leonora Meriel grew up in London and studied literature at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and Queen’s University in Canada. She worked at the United Nations in New York, and then for a multinational law firm. In 2003 she moved from New York to Kyiv, where she founded and managed Ukraine’s largest Internet company. She studied at Kyiv Mohyla Business School and earned an MBA, which included a study trip around China and Taiwan, and climbing to the top of Hoverla, Ukraine’s highest peak and part of the Carpathian Mountains. She also served as President of the International Women’s Club of Kyiv, a major local charity. During her years in Ukraine, she learned to speak Ukrainian and Russian, witnessed two revolutions and got to know an extraordinary country at a key period of its development. In 2008, she decided to return to her dream of being a writer, and to dedicate her career to literature.

In 2011, she completed The Woman Behind the Waterfall, set in a village in western Ukraine. While her first novel was with a London agent, Leonora completed her second novel The Unity Game, set in New York City and on a distant planet. Leonora currently lives in Barcelona and London and has two children. She is working on her third novel.

That was the multi talented writer and here comes the awaited interview.

  1. I read that writing has been your dream, so why did you start this dream? Did you have any picture in mind?

The picture I always had in my mind was of the stories I would create. I’ve always had amazing stories swirling in my head, and I had such a strong desire to share them with the world, and for the world to love those stories. Also, I took so much pleasure from reading great novels that I couldn’t imagine a more wonderful job than being the person who created them.

  1. Your book “The Woman behind the Waterfall” carries a very different and magical story, what inspired you to write it?

I did not plan the magic when I started writing the novel, but it just flowed into the pages and refused to leave. Originally, I wanted my debut novel to be about Ukrainian culture, as I had been living in Ukraine for ten years at that point, and also about mothers and daughters. However, when you write, you only get to control about 50% of the story. The rest is taken over by the desires of the characters themselves, and the themes that your subconscious want you to explore. I was quite surprised to see the novel that came out in the end, but also delighted that it was such an unusual tale.

  1. Did any of the part of the book relates with your personal life? (I decided to ask this question because there was so many deep emotional parts in the book which I thought can’t be put down without real experience.)

I am careful not to put any events of my own life into my novels, however I do use feelings that I have experienced, to make sure the reactions are real. For example, I had gone through a very dark period prior to writing “The Woman Behind the Waterfall,” and I dug deep into my emotional memory to write many of the passages of the book, so all the responses were true.

  1. You seem very fond of books as well as travelling, what’s the book and place you’d recommend everyone?

This is a lovely question! Well, I would have to recommend my favorite city on earth, which is Barcelona. It’s the most creative place I have ever lived. There is so much going on all the time – live music, street festivals, creative dress, amazing graffiti, and people truly enjoying their lives. People smile and laugh on the streets in Barcelona – because life is being lived to the full, and they are happy. As for a book? I’d have to choose an old favorite – “Kafka on the Shore” by Haruki Murakami. This novel is so cool and readable and strange and surreal. It helps me to remember that anything at all can happen in a novel – and also in real life. I think reading this novel in Barcelona would be a perfect combination (yes, it’s where I read it, many years ago).

  1. What is the most difficult thing about being a writer?

The most difficult thing is the self-discipline aspect. If you work at home then there are so many other temptations calling you away – another snooze, a snack, some housework, stroking the cat, the book you’re reading. I find myself longing for an office environment where everyone is focused and giving out success vibes. It’s tough!

So that was the author of the book “Woman Behind the Waterfall”, (if you have not read the review its few blocks down this website) and from her books and herself i really can’t wait to read more books books from her and she certainly have became my one of the favorite authors.

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