She was not really pretty but there was a dreamy look in her eyes as those eyes can see things people normally cannot, and that’s where he was trying to look, into those deep black eyes when she suddenly looked up.

“What?”, she asked

“Nothing”, he said a way too quickly, he definitely was not prepared for this.

She tilted her head in question and he knew he had to make something up and quickly.

“I have a question.”

“Mm hm”, she murmured, bowing down her head again and busied herself with the sand.

“When I ask you, what do you like, what three things comes to your mind first.”

“Beaches, flowers and…..”, she answered quickly with the first two yet for third she paused, looked towards the horizon, smiled  and said, “….sunsets.”

“….and sunrises?”

“No, only sunsets.”, she said and returned to her work.

sunset pic end

“What’s so special about sunsets?”, he was curious, he might know some of those dreamy things she sees with those dreamy eyes.

“They are….”, she looked up at horizon with that dreamy look again, as if remembering the things she had seen. “They are so sudden and memorable. The sunsets, as they come suddenly into your view, surprises you and make things different and magical. Like that day, I was walking back from school, on the pavement, head down from the exhaustion and suddenly I noticed the colour changing around me and when I looked up, I found this beautiful orange thing floating in the sky, changing atmosphere and colour of skies and lands and I stood there, mesmerized, with the wind blowing, blowing away my exhaustion and enveloping me with something I couldn’t understand yet, want to be in it. It was so peaceful and beautiful there that I wanted to stay there for hours, days even to just stand there and watch it.

And then the other day, I was sitting at the window of my room, reading when I saw it again, felt it, that peace and coolness which can be only because of sunset. But it was different this time, may be it was because I was watching it from different angle and place…..the colours were different, the wind was different but still there was the same magic telling me to stop whatever I was doing and get lost in the world of orange and pink and purple, the world of sunsets.

sunsets pic

And you know, looking at that setting sun going orange and soft I wanted to do something creative and special, and I thought of painting it, splaying the colours matching the skies on a canvas ”, she was saying with such enthusiasm, but then she got a bit dull saying, “but I don’t know how to paint, so I decided to end up just clicking a picture but when I compared the picture with the actual scene, the picture was not even ten percent that beautiful. So I tried to make some lines for it, like:

O thou blazing sun, how thou float in air?”

He chuckled and she joined him.

“I know it’s silly.”

“No, it’s just…..I don’t listen such talks every day and I loved it.”

She blushed and looked down at her hands, suddenly too aware of her whole self.

“Tell me more.”, he requested, feeling uncomfortable with the silence.

“More?”, she looked up, confused.

“More about sunsets”

“Well,” she paused unsure about spilling her secrets, but she want to spill them, wanted to spill in front of him because he was the one who asked,  “Well,there is this thing, how at noon time when the sun is fully up, it seems as if it furious and showing it to the whole world by throwing those heated up rays but then in evenings it seems as if someone have turned the flame low, as if after hours of anger and wrath the sun have got tired and have cooled down and have allowed the wind to flow. I think this as the sun have split personality. I mean look at it at noon and imagine it as a person who is so egoistic that it don’t want anyone to dare to look at it directly but in evenings the sun go tame and humble and say, “All right people, have a look, I won’t mind .” It’s all so beautiful that I can keep talking about it for ever.”, she chuckled and hugged her knees, resting her chin on knees she start thinking something else.

“That personality thing was cool.”, he said and totally meant it. She chuckled again and said, “Sun is not the only one to be like that.”

“Oooh, who else?”, he asked dramatically and she answered with equal drama, “Wind. You know……”

And she begin again with another element of nature and he didn’t wanted it to stop. After all, it’s not always you gossip about nature around.

sunset pic couple

to all those people out there who are in love with sunsets.

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  1. This is beautiful, Adeena!!! Sometimes people don’t take the time to express themselves about the loveliness that exists around us, like sunsets. This reminded me that we need to notice the beauty, talk about it, and listen to others as they do the same!!! And I loved this metaphore…”with the wind blowing, blowing away my exhaustion..”

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