The Mind Game: Review

“Each individual has a beautiful and unique personality. This is a reason to be happy, right? However, I meet people who imitate others. Some people change their dressing style, their hair, their physical appearance and other features to maintain uniformity. They think it is the societal ‘trend’. You must remember that emulating others is a not a method to search for true happiness.”

–The Mind Game by Devika Das

Name of the book: The Mind Game

Author: Devika Das

Genre: Self help, psychology, non-fiction

Publication: PepperScript

the mind game insta

All of us, at some point of time, have experienced situations involving emotional outbursts where we have, albeit unknowingly, hurt others or even our own self and have only ended up regretting our actions. Wouldn’t it be great if we could somehow become mindful of our current emotional state and maintain equilibrium in our personal and professional lives? Moreover, mindfulness helps us to realize what we really want from life. It helps us to think first, then act and not vice-versa.

–Synopsis as behind the book

my review

I am already planning to read this book again and more slowly this time because I want to include every line in my life.

This book is not only about the deals of emotions and anger management but also about kindness and how you can expand your mind and personality. Though the language is difficult but I love the writing style which is simple and where the reader starts to understand each and every line. The author know how to use the phrases and how to convince the reader to agree with the lines. Mostly emotional guides are all about following this and that, though this is also a guide and also says to do things but in such a simple way that the reader finds him/herself to making the schedules to follow up the book.

Only meditation part was a bit difficult for me as I have never practiced anything like that, apart form that I find myself looking forward to the things I’d do.

The author have used the psychological terms and explained them further for the common reader to understand. What I most like about this book is that, it also defines simple things which might help in lives.

For example: I really like the explanation of the empathy and how people who have high rate of it are affected by negative crowd and places of peace.

Though there were also some points where the author have underestimated the power of emotion and have stated the things which are not helpful in everyone’s case. One of those is the counting when angry. Maybe this was helpful for the author but it is not a bot helpful for me and some people I know.

All in all I like the book and would love to read it again and already have a list of names I’d be recommending the book to.

Thanks to the author who gave me this book for reviewing and including it in my library

the signed mind game



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