The One and Only: Review

“She understood now: fear has tricked her. Safe didn’t happen by itself. Didn’t happen when people hid indoors, frightened and inactive. Safe happened when people lawfully protected and defended their right . . . to be safe.”

— The One and Only by Julia Ash

Name of the Book:  The One and Only

Author: Julia Ash

Genre: Thriller, Apocalyptic


Ruby Spencer plans to resign from the U. S Special Warfare Council. With an escalating Extinction Level Infection (ELI), the SWC need the best minds acutely focused on the fight ahead. Yet motherhood has shifted her priorities. She is preoccupied with her newborn’s health and safety. so resigning is the right choice.

For her last assignment, the SWC sends Ruby and husband Clay on a low-risk mission to Taiwan where they will consult with scientists analyzing the infection. Too bad Lt. Col. Quinton Oxford – the American Consulate’s embittered military attache, is waiting in the shadows. Because Ox’s plans for the couple are everything but low-risked.

When the Spencers are separated and kidnapped from Taiwan to Moscow, Ruby is thrust into a perverse war game between superpowers, where she is the prize. Only she doesn’t know why. Even how her abduction relates to the ELI crisis.

But her connection with Zoonosis Mutated Bacteria (ZOM-B) is emerging. And the fate of her family, of the world, awaits her next move.

— Synopsis as behind the book

my review

I won’t say that I was impressed for the very first chapter because I was not. The book started with Council meeting and how Ruby is not paying attention to the discussion as her mind had drifted to her baby at home. The Council talked about the world on edge of ending ad America being in dust and no proper supplies though there was no any such things shown by the author in the book once.

Though there was not much impressive thing about the starting, the book gets interesting and writing gets good as the book moved on. The thing I most liked, in fact loved, about the book was the introductions of character. Mention their name, a bit of their history which makes their personality, their position, their knowledge, their ideas about the current situation reminded me of introductions of Dan Brown.  Another thing I loved was that the author was able to make feel the exact things her chracters were feeling through her words. Though i thought that there won’t be any death as the book was not that deep yet the author surprised be with the painful death of people making me cry even when the character was not as important.  The author have successfully made surprise with every new twist and jump with drama and violence.

The book is speedy and does not duel of details which i found was a good thing as well as bad. Good as the details sometimes get boring and start to loose interest but bad because through those details she failed to give some important details like the condition of America after apocalypse, the suffering of the victims, etc.

Though there were several points which i didn’t like as i have mentioned above, the book was good, i’d even say great because the bad points can be overlooked by the good points as they are far more and the way the book is written is catching. I’d say that this is the book which won’t allow you to pick another book and will also make you to keep it aside to think on some situation. Another thing which remind me of Dan Brown was of using the big names of organisations and make them so impressively detailed that i actually Googled some of them to see if they do really exist.

The characters are strong and each holds its ground until the very end and i love the author for not mixing the traits of her characters with other as mostly the debut novelists do.

All in all the book was great and i’d recommend to whoever likes the Apocalyptic genre.

My Ratings:

Cover: 4/5 stars

Writing: 3/5 stars

Story: 4/5 stars

Plot: 3/5 stars

Characters: 5/5 stars

Signed Page

Lastly, thanks to author Julia Ash to send me this signed copy of her debut novel for review purposes.

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