Devika Das: An Interview

Whenever I read a book and I like it, I wonder how the author’s mind was working when he/she was writing the particular line. How he/she come up with this idea? Does the author himself/herself relate with some lines? And so on. So when I get any opportunity to ask such question I don’t hesitate and just ask them which have resulted in “The Author’s Interview” section on my blog.


Though my past experiences with the interviews were like this: I ask the author is they will willingly answer my questions and when they say yes (which is always the case) I send the PDF file of my questions through mail and they answer back in the same way. Though, after reading The Mind Game by Devika Das, when I asked her if she’d like an interview and send questions after her approval she asked me if I will like to “talk” on the call rather then just reading the answers? I was thrilled and so last Sunday I called her and we talked and laughed and shared a really useful stuff and ideas with each other.

So here comes the interview of Devika Das, which is not my typical question-answers type but a conversation.


After hellos and how-do-you-do’s, I asked her about her journey for her very first book: 7 Vows of Marriage and how it came into existence to which she replied: “It basically started with a discussion I had with the girls I was staying with, about the marriage and somehow liked my views and used to say that ‘if the girls would start thinking like you then marriage won’t be a social obligation’. So it was our discussion and how I put forth my thoughts and they liked my thoughts and said that I should write a book.”

To my view the book 7 Vows of Marriage is something every one of us Indian should read. All the books by the author is available on the Amazon.

When I asked her about her passion from her childhood she talked about how her passions have changed since her childhood. Miss. Das enlightened me about her past passion that how she was more interested in academics and wanted to achieve ranks and Gold Medal in university. Other creative interests were as hobby. She further said, “The poems in my book Reminiscence were written in my spare time. I started by writing diary and after that poems, and when I showed my poems to my parents they liked it a lot and after it when I was 14, Hindustan Time was motivating school kids to participate in   literary activities, so I send my poem and then it started and since then I am writing.”

profile1 (1)

Miss Das have became a traditional writer and always carry pen and paper with her that she might come up with new lines (in case of poems), or ideas. Miss Das have not only written about mind, marriage and poems but also is a theater artist, singer and have done 2 short films. She also loves travelling and do Kathak dance.

Talking about The Mind Game she said that, “It was in 2016 or 17 when I was in Delhi, and I due to my work I read newspaper daily, I used to see that how many people are committing suicide and how many people are dying of stress and depression. In starting I thought this an act played by media to attract attention and audience. But the I thought that maybe, because people don’t talk anymore, they talk and share on social media with stranger but hesitate talking in person. What inspired me to write this book is that why people are not giving attention towards the relationships. I think that social media is developing a kind of inferiority complex among the young generation. I realized that humanities is degrading day by day and this was my basic inspiration that people will know that you should take responsibilities for their own acts.”

the signed mind game

My next question was quite personal and was on spot made up, as the inspiration and objective of the book Mind game was to spread awareness and happiness, I asked author what things helped her to be a happy person? On which she said, “It’s all because of my parents who gave me exposer that deals with your life and also supported me. They gave me lesson of morality and gave me independence and thus when I was out of my house I knew that I have to achieve my goals keeping those morals in mind. So I have experienced everything: I have socialized, I have met new people and this increased my confidence. But what I always remember was to talk to my parents and tell them what I am doing and what I will do next. I never hide anything from them and when sometimes they disagreed with me or I disagreed with them, we’ll reason it out. When they don’t like something I am doing they would talk to me openly. I have taken their advice when I failed and they have been there for me at all the times.”

Moving on, I asked her about her dream job and she said that, “I am a writer, I like meeting people and I am acting, I think now I can say that I am living my dream.” She further said that, “There have been so many changes and disappointments. I was wanted to go into acting first and even tried for acting but it did not work then writing came to my rescue but now I am also acting so I think I am the most satisfied person.”

When I read about her that she is performer, writer; I thought that how come she is managing her both jobs with travelling. When asked she said, “Sometimes it happens that I miss a good project of acting because of writing of travelling, at that time I feel bad but then  it is momentary  because I can’t do four things at one time.”


When I asked her about her thoughts about feminism she said, “What I think that if both men and women can respect each other along their goals and responsibilities there won’t be any issue. I think that if I am a woman I am not an object of pleasure and when the people will understand this that will be the day of victory of feminism.

Now a days they say that girls are going out and working this is Women Empowerment; this is total bullshit.” And after politely apologizing for using the word she continued that, “You must have seen that how old times women worked domestically and in fields and that was work too and that was also opportunity, but you are only considering working sector as equal opportunity. I don’t understand why women nowadays think that working in office from 9 to 5 is the equality. And I think there is no use competing with men because where they are physical stronger and emotionally weaker, women are physically weaker and emotionally stronger, that’s why they are called pair, completing each other”

Talking about her views on arts in India she said, “Arts still is not that appreciated. I know there is not that money in art but then creative arts makes us more human, more grounded. What people don’t see is that artists have a unique way of seeing the things. But I think that people should change their mindset towards arts. There are many ways to make money and you can never pay enough for a piece of art because the value of that art is only known to the artist who have crated it. And I think that parents should motivate their children to pursue arts and there should be more artists in a society”

Devika Das is also now working on her another poem book, Hindi this time and first fiction novel. Also she will be performing her poems in Hyderabad on 28th July. Her favourite places to travel is mostly mountain areas and loves reading Tagore and Ruskin Bond but her favourite in the writing of Arthur Canon Doyle and Agatha Christie. She also recommends Baalecool Nature Stay at Sakleshpur, Karnatka.

It was such great talking to her and our conversation ended with her sharing her one of the poems:

Running the rat race, I always wondered

How time passed like quick sand.

Hourly conversations with good pals,

Confined to SMSes and forwards.


Greeting people on social occasions,

has become a rarity now.

People’s memories have begun to fade

even before they get salt peppery hair..


What legacy do we leave behind?

Where man-machine is hyped, and real relationships defied.

People anxious for virtual appreciation,real comments shunned as interference.

Don’t ask me about patience or tolerance; new gen sees them as trivial.

Screen time is most cherished, off screen leaves one idle and bored.

Now or Never, the chants echo around us, but the path to Now is rarely tread.

Erstwhile luxury has become the new basic need

Mercy and empathy are possessions of the weak.

Are we really progressing!

If you want to see more of my talented guest you can stalk her here:

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The link to Amazon for The Mind Game:

The link to Amzon for 7 Vows of Marriage:

That’s it for today, thank you for being up with me. 🙂

Adeena Syed

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