On the Open Road: Review

‘You’re not living your dream yet. You’re living someone else’s dream. The most tragic part is that you’ve forgotten the starting point of this process. It dates back to your birth,’ Peter says to break the monotony of my tears.’Everything, your name, your job, your life has been chosen by someone else,’ he adds.

— On the Open Road by Stuti Changel

Name of the book: On the Open Road

Author: Stuti Changle

Genre: Inspirational Fiction

Publication: Invincible Publishers




Myra wishes to break free of her cubicle. Kabir wonders what like would be to build on his own. Sandy drops out of college to work on the next big startup idea.

Ramy inspires millions of his generation on his travel blog – on the open road.

The story revolves around the lives of these restless and dreamy twenty – somethings as they battle their inner demons and the societal taboos to live life on their terms. The journey entails undying friendship, love and loss, happiness and depression, fear and conquest, dreaming and achieving.

Will they be able to embark on the hard yet empowering journey to startup a company? Or succumb to the hardships on their road to freedom?

— Synopsis as behind the book.

my review

All I am thinking after reading this book is to hit the open road. This doesn’t mean that the book is all about the travel and fun, no, it is more about courage, giving up stupidity, fighting for dreams, knowing yourself better and have loads and loads of quotes. I’ll call it a inspirational and quote book supported by a story.

I’d like to write this review in points. And things I won’t put in points will go in simple paragraphs after the points. So here we go.

The things I liked/loved about the book:

The writing was my most favourite of all the things of the book. I loved how the author, even with keeping the story fast made it interesting and holding me to the very core.

The characters were strong and each have their own specific characteristic which bound them together beautifully in their work and upcoming events. This was the trio I dream to be part of.

The quotes that author have put in the book are so full of reality and inspiration that I can’t help highlighting them and making my book look like my college textbooks.

The blog, on the open road was actually made reality into the book and the posts convinced me the feeling of the characters towards it. Because I have seen books mentioning the specific thing (fiction) and unable to make it real in the book or if they have made it in the book, the author fails to make it convincing. But here, the blog totally became my favourite and I wished that Ramy was real.

Things I did not liked about the book:

 The pace of the book was so fast that it sometimes missed the details of the characters. Also sometimes missed to create the scene the story was unfolding into and also skip the regular lines like: she traveled down the café, the expressions, the gestures which made easy for a reader to create a scene in head.

The author skipped the travelling part most of the part which was hated by the nature and journey lover inside me. The author did not create the scenes of the journey and skipped for two months to bring the character directly to the point where the story was more important.

So that was my liking and not liking part. Others things that I want for the book to say is: the writing way, the charters and conversation reminded me the style of Paolo Coelho whose characters are deep and strangers plays a big part.

On the Open Road by Stuti Changle have became my new favourite among the Indian writings.

My Ratings:

Cover: 2/5 stars

Writing: 5/5 stars

Story: 3/5 stars

Plot: 4/5 stars

Characters: 5/5 stars


After following the author for a while on Instagram, i found the quotes amazing and requested the copy for myself. So thank you to the author for approving my request.


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