Till the End of Forever: Review

“What if they weren’t free?” he said, “That’s what I think every morning. What if we had to pay to smile? What if it was to ace in chest to talk nicely to people? What if every time you wanted to walk over grass, you had to fill an application? What if walking over a mountain was a sin?”

— Till  the End of Forever by Vivaksh Singh


Name of the book: Till the End of Forever

Author: Vivaksh Singh

Genre: Romance thriller

Publication: Srishti Publishers


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When Avani met Ayan, she knew he badly bruised by the past, just like her. When Ayan met Avani, he knew she was looking for peace, just like him. The bond of pain brought them together and one broken piece completed another.

But just when the candle of serenity were lit, it rained. Ayan was left shattered when he was held responsible for a friend’s murder. And when Avani tried to held his pieces together, it gashed into her flesh. Alas, this was the beginning, Just the wind before the hurricane of spine-chilling mysteries were gone to blow her apart.

Will Avani wait for the scars to heal or will she fight with her bruised soul? Why does the truth keep going deeper as she chases it?

— Synopsis as behind the book.

my review

I did not find the book much satisfactory. The writing style was not gripping enough, the story had loopholes and the characters were not described enough.

The book was fast paced thus missing many points. It was obvious from the starting that who the golden couple of the book will be yet they fall in love to quickly. And then the things started to happen quickly and ended in same way.

I love the beauty described by the author of the place called Jagah, where story is mostly based. The scenes and the initial part of book was my favourite, it was light, bright and interesting. The conversation between Ayan and Avani, in the very start of the book, during the morning is something I’d love to read again and again.

The character of Ayan was the only one with a well explained character and a background. On the other hand, Avani was irritating as she was over reactive and too easy to manipulate.

While making fiction, the author tried to put the real things into it but if you Google the verses of Bible he mentioned in the book, you will find a slight different in the lines. The topic of the speech in which the verses of Holy Books were mentioned was atheism yet there was no proper discussion in the designed speech.

The book is full of incomplete dialogues. The characters are interfered by something or other in the middle of their discussion. The best example of this is the unfinished speech of Ayan and the last story of Mr. Colton.

Overall the book was depressing and suddenly happily ever after. I won’t call it a light read as it definitely was not, with un-gripping writing style and story too scattered.

The book can be a praised read for the romance genre lovers yet this is definitely for the thriller reader as the book miss many points.

My Ratings:

Cover: 3/5

Writing: 2/5

Story: 2/5

Characters: 3/5

The book was provided in the exchange of an honest review.



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