Book review: What Was My Fault?


What Was My Fault? by Aziz Padiwala

Ratings: ⭐ ⭐
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Publication date: 2015
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Set in the year of 2014, an experience of a young man in his late twenties who has lost every emotional war in his life. He blames himself and is always on edge. He is losing last shred of hope of finding true love, when he comes across a girl who changes everything. Suddenly, hid entire world turns upside down and his happiness knows no bound.

But like every aspect of life, his relationship is twisted in more ways than one.

This time, however, he has to decide whether he was to be blamed? Or there is something else ruining it all along?

To tell the truth, I picked this book only because I liked the cover. Yes, cover judge this side but this is very first time that I am disappointed. The story, the writing style, the d, none of them caught my attention and I ha to drag myself to complete the book as it was too slow, unrealistic, boring and without a proper plot. Yes, there was no proper plot and it seemed to me that as if the author had an idea and wanted to put it but didn’t know how.

The starting was nice and it actually caught my attention but only after the first paragraph of the book I had to start pushing myself to continue. The character of Farhan was really depressing and annoying at times. Hoping too much and saying he don’t have any hope left. Pointlessly fall in love with the girl without thinking even when suffered in his “past”. The character of Zoya was as annoying as Farhan. She was so perfect in the starting and suddenly so so cruel and not evil.

The story needed a more strong plot and a bit better scenes to let the story sink in. There were also grammar mistakes which are so unprofessional and epilogue, ah, I left in confusion when I read the epilogue and found the things which we usually find in “for the reader” heading.

Well, I am happy to say though, that I found a point that I liked about the book was that the author tried to put this thing to end where the divorcees have to carry this blame that they cannot balance their life with them even when it was not them at fault. But, even though the idea was good, it was not written in that way that it makes the impression.

Maybe your views are different on this book than mine, I’d love to know about it.

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