Book review: Awake Under the Night Sky

‘You only need faith. Bad things happen so that good things can follow. Life is a circle. If you are at the bottom of the curve, one day you’ll reach the top as well. Always remember that.’

cover night sky

Awake Under the Night Sky by Vanya Sharma

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/ Romance
Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
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Publication date: 3 Sept, 2017
Source: Author

Witness to the ravages of poverty and neglect, Vivian is driven by a purpose, in a world that seems to have lost its conscience. In the fires of loss, a young and fierce Andre has forges an iron will to succeed. His journey halfway across the world did not deter, but only strengthens his determination.

Two people on the threshold of their lives, touched by love but driven by duty, following separate destinies. He has past to restore, she has a future to change. Are their paths destined never to converge, or might the vagaries of fate unlock the buried dreams of two proud hearts, and offer a new beginning?

It’s been a long time since I felt sweet about a love story. This is one of those books which bring smiles on your face and butterflies in your stomach. Oh, I cannot say how much I love this pair of love birds Andre and Vivian, the sweetest and always-a-teenager kind of couple.

The story was lovely and predictable. Fast paced but when the couple was together it would get slow and in detail, their feelings, their thoughts, their every second is counted when they are together but a blur when they are not, this was the thing I like but also not. There wasn’t anything special that I love most about the book but neither there was anything which I particularly don’t like. We can say that it was a thick but light read and full of feelings, good and giddy feelings most of the time though there was one time in the very end when I wanted to cry but I cannot tell you why because that will mean spoilers.

But the book, as I progressed into, was predictable which gave away it’s little thrill we have in love stories. The characters, I love the, not only the couple in spotlight but all. The author somehow put something good in every character making them special in some way or other. Even with more than half of the book the couple wasn’t together even though they wanted to there wasn’t any depression. The author kept the things light even in dark but it doesn’t mean the story lacks any feelings, it was full of it.

It is a kind of book that is loved by even non love story readers and loved immensely love story ones so recommending it to all who dream of sweet loves.

signed night sky

Have you read this book? What do you think?

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