At Sugar Side Up

So today once again I decided to sit here and spend afternoon at Sugar Side Up.

I am always surprised when I come here and instantly feel this peace in the little corner of my heart which swells and take over the whole place. Am always surprised that the cool breeze somehow makes its way to this place. The quietness even when the world out there is bustling with crowd as if this place has a wall to separate reality and all the mundane chores from here. But this peace, this quietness are not the only reason that I come here, I come here because this place never fails to inspire me to write, may it be poems, simple quotes, short stories or even my blog post so I decide to introduce my readers to this place called Sugar Side Up.


I discovered this place through a friend and instantly fell in love with it. Usually when I love a place like restaurant or a café it’s because of the food or drinks but aside from things these this place have my heart because of its beauty, the setting of the chairs and plants and the little jar with flower and leaf in the middle of the table with tissue holder and a little wooden basket holding sugar packets. The little things of beauty have always attracted me and coming here I loose myself totally. The setting in the grass the glass table neatly surrounded by chairs. The wooden tray and holders, pretty and delicate crockery, the aroma of coffee and taste of lemon ice tea is so enchanting at this place that I don’t wanna leave.

You know this the place is like that, that I think can do really good in a book where the couple decides to meet or old people come to sit after their evening walk or where college students plan their little get together. It is just that this place seems so perfect for the little occasions because this is how it is for me: me and my friend come here for peace and when we have baggage full of things to talk about or when we have books and we want to click pics for bookstagram or when we have this sudden urge to drink something and sit in peace or ….the list is endless. And as I write I can’t help but think that it might actually hold a many hundreds of stories, stories of endless people visiting this place and who knows what this place will say if it’s given a chance to speak.

Initially it was only the coffee, tea and other beverages and their types with usual dessert of bakery and some baked goods that was served but after their renovation they have added up quite a lot of things in their menu which include pizza and sandwiches too and so as me and my friends were instantly there trying things and so we were the first to place order of their very first pizza which was by the way delicious of course but the things they do in serving always leaves me in awe.

  Writing and photography of books with the laid drinks and snacks has always been few of my favourite things to do and this place give it all. So a big thanks to people running this place because I always wanted such a place to hang out and now that I have got it I can’t stop talking about it.


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  1. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful place!!! I can imagine myself sitting with you, chatting about books or writing and nibbling on something yummy! Love the photographs, too! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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