Diaries #3

Hello again,
For the past two posts, it has been a bit sad and dark but for today it is my happy imagination that offered it’s help and of course i was willing to have it. So today’s diary is by a mother. She has been mother for only seven days now and her excitement, expectation as well as fears are on their high. But let’s not waste more time and have a look at it.

Day 7th

She had been crying all night. Mama said it’s okay but I don’t think so. She had gone complete red in face and wasn’t breathing. That was like for five minutes but it seem like hours. I was frantic, pacing as Mama hold her patting her back.

I have never been so caring. My friends actually called me insensitive but with her, my daughter I cannot be my old self. I don’t even want to try that. I am so different now and all because of that little creature who will day call me Mama. Only the thought of it is so magical and full of love. Me taking care of her, she sleeping in my arms smiling sometimes in her sleep, how I wish that she’s dreaming about me! I can watch her for hours without getting any bored or tired. I love watching her even when she is doing nothing which is almost always because what do you expect a seven day old do? But even she do all this cute stuff, making funny noise, twitching her lips and smiling, ooh she smiles the most perfect smile.

Maybe I sound crazy but that’s how it is and that’s how it is going to remain. Me enjoying every single moment with her and she making all those moment more adorable with her little acts.

I don’t know how it is possible but it is this way that the smallest human of our family hold the most of the world’s beauty. So no one has any right to judge me if I say that I feel so possessive towards my little girl.

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