Diary #4

Hello there,
Remember in high school when there was someone we fancied so much that we could do anything just to talk to them. Well, let’s say its my bookish self talking but i came up with a diary entry of a girl who is sweet and have a crush on a guy who is cute (for her). No more discussion, let’s have a look, shall we?

 Dear diary,
I can’t stop smiling since that encounter of today. This feels stupid and crazy but the mixture of that and it sounds awesome. I promise that I have never noticed any boy’s features like this and I don’t think I will ever do that again. Because I don’t think anyone can ever be as perfect as his. Oh my, his complexion, his eyes and trust me, they seem to actually dance when he is mischievous just like they write in books. And he so often wink at me……oh, I am going crazy over him!!!!!

Can you believe it that I grinned all the way to home today and just because one of his silly acts. Oh, I don’t know how he does that but he drives complete CRRRAZY. I smile so much nowadays that everyone notices that, when I am not smiling I am biting my lip or playing with my fingers and blushing, oh God, I am blushing ALL the time and it’s sometime so annoying because everyone keeps asking me what I am so happy about and I do want to tell them, yes I do, but just not yet, it feels like this all me-fancying-him thing is my personal and I don’t want to share it yet. You know how they say that: I have smile on my lips, jump in my steps and ring on my finger? Well, all that but with crush in my heart. He is just so so perfect: his height, his voice, his eyes, his HAIR…you know like Bella said about Edward that it should be illegal to be this handsome, well, I have got my Edward here.

Just his thoughts give me goosebumps and butterflies and flip my heart and I am doing so many stupid things lately. I did this: Shreya send me that video of his and I snapshot a scene where he looked the cutest. Yes, he have left me doing stupid and crazy things.

So about that incident of today: I was talking to Phil with the chocolate in my hand and you know I use my hands while talking and that’s what I was doing when he came out of nowhere, held my arm to stop it, took a bite of my chocolate and with mouthful he said, “It’s nice” and was gone in another minute……and I stood there still accessing to what happened and now I can’t stop grinning because HE BIT MY CHOCOLATE LIKE IT’S NO BIG DEAL. Maybe he likes me as well…..OH I WISH HE LIKES ME AS WELL :*) :*)

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