Diary #6

You know how some parents are, they just give birth and leave the children to be by themselves and those kids begs for their attention. Some parents give too much attention that the child gets tired of them and there are some who are normal but there is no manual to teach parents when to give attention and when to pamper their kids.
This is the diary entry of a girl who gets attention but all in the wrong places. She don’t want them to keep yelling at her, she don’t want them to tell her how useless she is because everyone else is saying so….this is something that this girl want to tell her parents but can’t so what she do, she writes in the diary.

They call me ungrateful, maybe I am, but my argument is, that if I had been given those things I wanted I won’t have been ungrateful. But of course I never said that aloud, for I know what their answer would have been and then mine and then theirs and I also know that no matter how much l argue, show points, in the end I’d have to shut up because kids are not supposed to argue with their parents even if they are right and are twenty five years old.

I wish my parents were like the parents of that girl in my school. Even when we were fifteen, they’d come to take her home and my parents never came to pick me at school, not even when I was in kindergarten. All I have ever wanted from them is dropping me off together once in a while and stand there waving hands at me until I am out of sight; clicking those sweet cute pics of kissing and hugging scenes; dressing me in a cute outfit and asking me to turn around so they can see all of me, giving me a forehead kiss when I am upset and when they are proud of me; reminding me that I am beautiful even when my classmates say otherwise; brushing my hair off my face while giving an advice, taking me to my room when I fell asleep on the couch without waking me up; knowing all my friends by their names; remembering my birthdays; laughing at my silly jokes; approving my choices when they are good and declining softly when they are not; telling me softly and lovingly that its late and I better sleep now. All these things, just once if they cannot do it all the time.

Sometimes i think that maybe I am not worth of their attention and love, maybe I have initiated the distance between us and never gave them chance to show their affection to them and maybe it is right, but how could a little distance created by me kept them so away from their own daughter, how they never even tried to end that distance, how they never asked why I am keeping this distance. No,  even the most spoiled kid of all deserves all of that, even if the kid have developed a distance, parents try to pass it. No, it never was my fault, I was only born without their will and so I don’t get any affection, not a tiny bit of it.


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  1. Really enjoyed this entry, Adeena, because it’s so true. If kids get the choice between getting “stuff” and getting acts of love, I think they’ll pick love every time. (Or if they don’t at first, they’ll learn to regret it when they are older.) So this entry is sad because that’s all the girl ever wanted: acts of love from her parents.

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