The Dark Queen

All she asked for was love, care, respect but none was given. The merciless world denied her every request. She begged she tried harder; she became light and created happiness. She made them smile and the world laughed and cheered because of her yet no one came to smile with her, care about her, no one came to even thank her for her gifts.

dark queen

So she turned and became wrath, created fear. The world screamed and begged for pity. But she had destroyed hope and pity and everything alike. Darkness and fear spread and the world bowed to her. Shaking and crying, the world was ready to listen to her, to know her requests and fulfill them. So she smiled; not a bright and loving one but the one of pure evilness. Love, hope, care, respect…..she care about them no more. They turned their backs on her when she wanted them and now it was her turn to show the back.

They can beg
they can cry
all she knows now
fear is what
make things a lot easier

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