I want the friends from Kintsukuroi

“The breaking is not something to hide. It does not mean that the work of art is ruined or has become without value because it is different than what was planned. Kintsukuroi is a way of living that embraces every flaw and imperfection. Every crack is part of the history of the object and it becomes more beautiful, because it had been broken, and mended beautifully and gracefully, with the help of gold.

……….I took this beautiful quote from Kintsukuroi by Kritansha Arora, personally and I’d say, you do the same.

Kintsukuroi, Mend it to beautify it by Kritansha Arora

Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐
Publication date:  December 5, 2018
Publication house: Evincepub Publishing
Links: •Amazon
Source: Author


She is vivacious, independent, ambitious and……naive

While following her heart she forgets to follow her instincts. She is someone who trusts easily.


It was so easy to relate to this work at some point. Though I found the lead, Ani, to be irritating sometimes, she was sweet and innocent too. The book was predictable. I knew how it will end and what lessons our character Ani is gonna learn but as i read i learnt that it wasn’t actually about the plot but every single line. About how and why not only what.

I fell in love with the characters and really want a understanding and standing-up-for-friends Ragini, blurt Devina and funny yet caring Sahil as my friends. There wasn’t any specific quality in any of the character and you might them around you but there part, their concern and actions made them special.

The writing style was simple and gave me the feeling as if someone is writing without edits as if in the diary (maybe because of the first person narration) but this style kept the book simple and light read.

The thing that i loved most about the book were the quotes at the end of every chapter, some just random and some teaching something.

All in all it was sweet and light reading and gave a positive vibes towards life and a great reading for those who have any kind of complains for life and their own self and need some merriment for a change. It made smile and though i found Ani to be bit over-dramatic sometimes, her reactions were lead to some deep message.

What kind of friends do you think you must have?
What would you like to ask the author of this book if you get a chance?
(Comment your questions, an interview might be in construction.)

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