Author Interview: Kritansha Arora

No surprises because you’ve seen the title, lol

So…if you’ve been keeping up with me then you must have noticed this name in the previous review, so here we are now, after the book, the person herself.

Let’s start with knowing the little about the author through that usual introductory para of ours:
Kritansha Arora, a dreamer, motivator and well wisher. Someone who will make you feel warm, and at home, you will connect with her stories as if they were your own.
While working in an IT firm as a HR executive she realized that her true calling lay elsewhere, in writing. Being a believer and go getter she decided to quit her job and follow her passion. As a true millennial she began her writing journey by publishing short poems and quotes on social media. Her work was first published in the book ‘kuch yun bole ehsas’, a collection of hindi poems. Her recent book ‘Kintsukuroi, mend it to beautify it’, delves into the layers of human emotions and gives essential life lessons.
With her writing she aims to reach out and inspire as many people as possible.

Now the questions. The author kept the answers simple, like her book and short too. They were to the point and….let’s just have a look, shall we?

What made you start a book?
> My dream to see my name on a cover page, really, since I was in school this was one of my biggest dream.

Your story is Delhi based and your main character love the city, does the same can be said for you?
Yes, I am deeply and madly in love with Delhi and its October winter , I have lived in Delhi for 5 years, and that city surely has my heart.

Ani is independent, innocent and hopeful. Do you have someone in your life as such?
> Ani is a little stupid too, I have friends, who are independent, innocent and hopeful but not stupid. *wink*

If you were given a choice who would you choose from Ani, Dev, Ragini and Sahil? Why? (you can pick just one)
> With no second thought Sahil, well this character is close to my heart because such friend in opposite gender is very rare to find these days, people have some or the other motive attached. To be true this character Sahil is similar to one of my friend.

What you helped most while writing?
> Continues motivation from my family, and sometimes it really felt like interrogation, how much is left ? Why ain’t you writing ? When can we expect a final draft.

I personally think that there’s some personal part of the author in the book, which part of book relates most with your life?
> The friendship that the characters share between them, well, certain aspects of their friendship is present in my life, and I really desire for certain aspects, really wish to have such friends and self love, I feel self love is not just a concept, it is rather a necessity of life.

Your book was fun and simple, are you planning to write something similar next?
> I am planning my second book, but not similar to this one, I wish to touch one aspect of life at a time.

What different genre you want to write?
> I really wish to explore various cultures, places and know people, I guess I will continue writing about human, and human nature as whole.

The name of your book is very impressive and have a deep message, how you came across the term,”kintsukuroi”?
> While reading, well reading is very very important in every ones life, I guess I got introduced to this word 2 years back, while reading something, and it just remained in my mind, I could recall it even after months and when I was writing this story I knew where I want to take this story. I guess this word chose to be the title I didn’t chose it.

How was your experience so far as the author? Any tips for the upcoming authors?
> I cant believe it yet, touch wood its the most amazing feeling being writer too, I can’t give words to this feeling. The upcoming authors must write, write whatever you feel like, your draft will change your story will change too, but don’t stop writing. Always always remember why you actually started.


This was sweet Kritansha, and I myself can’t wait to see what she gives me next!!!

To know the author more you can follow her on
Instagram: @kritanshaarora
Goodreads: Kritansha Arora


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