Have you ever wanted to just lie down or sit still…until you’ve that feeling gone, that feeling of desiring the blankness?

Now, if you’re reading this and you’re thinking: ‘there goes another dark work’ then you’re wrong. But tell me this, have you ever lie down to sleep and suddenly you want to throw down your arms and legs in no proper position but just as they are and leave your mind to think whatever it wants and not sticking to any thought like you watch a passing train? Or want to sit in a room with blank white walls and no furniture, with knees hugging your chest and arms around your knees and sitting there, without moving.

Now, this is NOT a dark work because desiring this blankness can be after you’ve been happy for a whole day and have felt smiles and laughter and giddiness whole day and you’re so tired feeling all that, that now you want your mind to be blank, thinking and feeling nothing. It can be after a hard day where you worked all day without stopping and now your mind is so tired that it doesn’t want to think anything and your body doesn’t want to listen to your commands of ‘move’. Or it can after a moody day where you had been crying and laughing and doing all the good and bad things and your mind had been on full duty that now you want that blank room or a plain, light coloured bed.

So see, it’s not only when you’ve been sad or crying all day that you want the ‘blank room’ but it can be after a day of full of emotions or a day full of happiness and laughter…but tell me, have you ever experienced such thing because if you have then tell me because I don’t want to tell myself that I am alone in this because dark or not, I want to know that I’m not alone.

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