The First Month

The first month of the year, just came and went as if it was only few days long. I miss January because i had so much to do and it just went away like wind with just a whoosh.

I have discovered about myself that if I write down things there’s high probability of me doing that so yes, I have made resolutions and I am hoping to sticking to them, only my January was not so motivational. I skipped many of my resolutions and ignored some but was happy with the results of reading and writing I did… chapters were added in my WIP and I finished one short story which was nagging my mind for a long time.


Book ban is now off because I can no more resist the charms of those handsome books and their gorgeous covers so I willingly surrendered and bought Muse of Nightmares off a friend which is on it’s way to me.

January was a month of boredom but still fast, I still am solving that mystery and hoping to do more productive in Feb.

How was your first month into the year? Did you made any new resolutions this year?

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