Letter #2

Those who don’t remember their parents, living in orphanage.. i dedicate this letter to them. This letter is written by such a kid, an open letter to his parents…so many questions, so many confessions. Have a look:

letter 2.1

Dear Mama and Papa,
……..or should I call you Mom and Dad or Mother and Father or simply address you as parents?

You see, not all the children get this confusing choice of  what they will call their parents but orphans like me, we spend most of our time fantasizing about a family and what we would have called them, so I have quite a wide list to see from. But names aside, tell me this: I have never seen you or I don’t remember seeing you, my name was given to me by the warden of the orphanage so I don’t have that string to you as well, then when people ask me whether I miss you and I say I don’t, does that make a bad person? Because how can I miss someone when I have never met, never talked to or have nothing to remind me of them. Though I have seen parents of other children, those who come to the orphanage and I wonder if I had you, how it would have been? But there are sometimes when I hear children complaining about how careless, unloving and rude their parents are and that makes me thank for a little while that I have none. Does that make me a bad person?

I have so many questions for you both and maybe if you ever come and tell me you’re my real parents I won’t come with you for I am still angry that you left me here or I would be delighted and go with you and let my anger out when we are home. See? Another confusing choice of whether I want to be angry first or happy.

The warden says that children are left by parents when they cannot afford the child or they are ashamed of us or…..she goes on and on about it but I wonder was it that hard?


Clueless child

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