Letter #3

Remember that first letter I published. Well, the death decided to speak up and write an open letter to the one who wrote that letter to life. This may be fiction but I think that death would have been very upset, if it would have seen people coming towards it, abandoning the life. So here are few words, said by death, in regards of itself and life.

letter 3

Dear Ungrateful,
You make me laugh and cry all the same. How you desire for me when you’re gifted with the precious blessing as life and yet you ask for me, how silly you are.

I wonder how will you react when I come knocking on the door of your soul offering it to take somewhere, no living have ever been to?

You say that you want to go with me rather living with your ‘horrible’ life but are you ready to go with me while your life is unsolved and you unsatisfied. Imagine that myth is true that the dead can see in the world, won’t you feel uneasy of all that unfinished business and problems? Won’t you look and see how small your problems were and how easily you could have solved them? I pity you sometimes, that how you: a human, a whole world lying for you wishes to be dead. How, when you’re happy, you want to live long and forever and when I come at such time, you complain again. Isn’t this your life? Complaining about either life or death.

Dear human, why don’t you worry about your problems alone and let the decision of end leave to us, I promise you will be much happier than this.

Your Well Wisher,

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