Honestly, when I read the prequel: The Dark Unseen, I couldn’t sleep peacefully that night and that was what set me get on to have the copy of the first book. The happy moment arrived when I won the contest/ giveaway and got a copy..SIGNED copy from the author. So here’s my little review for the book one in the series, while I painfully wait the release of the second book which will be in April this year.

The City Unseen by Andrew C Jaxson

Genre: Horror/ Thriller/YA
Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐  

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Source: Author
Format: Paperback

The tiny town of Ettney is the center of a devastating accident, and sixteen year-old Ari Carpenter emerges as an unlikely survivor. When tragedy strikes again, she finds herself involved in a strange cover-up by the local police department, and stalked by a terrifying and impossible darkness. As the mystery around her begins to unravel, Ari is launched into a deadly and secret war that threatens not only everyone she loves, but the future of the world itself.


This book has been on my list since I read the prequel, The Dark Unseen and was it scary!! It was more about the shadow than anything but the first book was a whole world of ancient powers and deadly missions. I really found Shadows scary and I hope they are thoroughly explained in second book. The big twists of the book was predictable like

**spoiler** Noah’s death and Kindred being bad team **end of spoilers**

But i love the writing style. It was smooth and though simple, it was effective and made me feel the exact same as Ari, especially in presence of Shadows. The story was beautifully woven and the favourite parts were the fight scenes, especially the very first fight. The fear, working of mind in panic, the chaos and the aftermath was beautifully written which made the fighting most exciting.

The characters were nicely painted and they all kept to their own specific style. The evolution in Ari’s character was kept simple yet effective and the character of Hackman was my favourite. It was perfect according the situation and his craziness in the end was just so…..goose bumps giving.

The strategy sometimes was full of loopholes, like who put the freshly trained and not fully trained people in the very front rows in fight? Another thing that I didn’t like was that the lead character not knowing her powers and importance. I mean how many times we have seen that happen!

The book did not end on a very deadly cliffhanger but I can’t help but be eager to read the second book and know more.


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