The trying

just me #1.1

Try and be good. Easy to say then done. Yes, I have tried. Not hard enough but let’s say that I am a moody sort of person and don’t like to try too hard. Be it for my studies, or in friendship, with people, or here, to be good. I try as long as I like to and then I just let it go or give up. I think it’s more of a letting go then give up because it’s not like I say to myself that, ’I can’t do this.’ It’s more of, ’I have done enough, let the world try for once.’ But we all know that world never tries, not for girls like me. It might try to be good for people who matter, who bring change and may be, now I sound pathetic, but it is true. I am no one. And not because I was born to be another silly girl with dreams of Prince Charming, but because I don’t try and not because I can’t but because I don’t want to and I am tired of my stubborn self and am truly looking for answers of, ’how to make things right when you have been doing wrong for your whole past life?’ I might find out, but all I need do try harder, even if I don’t want to because remember, the world don’t change for silly girls?

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