Love to Hate

One can hate. And no matter what Jean says, I love to hate and it is not unhealthy for my mental health. How can one not hate someone who have ruined the life from the very start and not hate who have ruined one’s life when it was finally alright? As I said, I love to hate and I am not giving up that so easily. Maybe some part of me want this world to try, to allow me not to hate but I also am not sure if anyone or anything can succeed.

I used to fantasize where a golden boy comes and would teach me to love and not to hate and find flaws and not to blame the people around me for everything in my life and not like the way Jean says, instead in the way that I can understand.

Actually, I do understand what Jean says and tries to tell but I am just too stubborn to agree upon that she is right and following what she says can lead to happy results but some part of me, which covers most of my personality, don’t want to be changed, don’t want to stop hating, don’t want to take responsibility of my own actions. It’s so easy to hate and blame others and push everyone out of life. So, I think I am going to stick to it until that golden boy comes and we all know the odds of that.



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  1. I know some people feel this way so this entry made me sad. Two things stuck out and made my heart ache. People who think they are okay with hating themselves and others are really starved to be loved. Most likely, in their life journey, the people around them have been unable to share/give/refect love. A stubborn front (I “don’t want to stop hating”) is nothing more than a protection. Because seeking love and not getting it causes the greatest wounds of all. And second, there are no golden boys or girls out there that are going to save a heart. Love starts with self–that is where the gold is!!! Even when those around us don’t or can’t love us sufficiently, we have the power to learn how to love ourselves!!! This entry got me thinking, Adeena (even though I found it sad)! Great job 🙂

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    1. You have explained it beautifully, and yes there are no golden boys and girls and no matter how much one wish there won’t be any. I think hate is just the easy thing and love sometimes hurt. Thank you so much for reading, love.

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