Six victims, none innocent

“…hasn’t business been affected after the Cafe Mehboob murder case…….”
“Yes, business was affected for a couple of days but you know how short people’s memories in Mumbai are. In a city where your life is neatly divided into local train travel and a routine job, who has the time for anything else?”

Mehboob Murder by Nupur Anand

Genre: Mystery/ Crime thriller
Ratings: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 
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Source: Author
Format: Paperback

the story-e1556025963246

Six people killed, all with guilty past and with suspects who all holds a motives for murder.  With a very shirt deadline, the team of police officers are working day and night to find the killer or they might all loose their jobs. The suspects though show to have a motive to kill, they all hold alibi, making things more difficult for the police.

One thing led to another and all the victims history comes in front, reveling all of them either victim or oppressor in one way or other. ‘They deserved to die’, said the killer in the end, who himself was covered in sin.

The author got to the point and made a murder case in the very first chapter of the book. The scene was created in an amazingly scary way. I found myself hooked with it from that scene and couldn’t put it down.

The start of the book was fast and to the point, but as the story progressed the scenes began to become too detailed and not that much related to the plot. There wasn’t any guessing game in this book. The story was clear, the suspects laid yet there was nothing to guess. This put me a bit off the book as there was pieces missing in the puzzle and they were revealed only when the mystery opens.

I loved the character of Abbas and it was hard not to. He was badass, hardcore and smart and most importantly he mind the business. His story was, I think unnecessary and not that important but I would like to know his past.

Every murdered victim had a past which was not exactly normal which made the story interesting but unrealistic, I mean how come none of them was innocent and didn’t deserve to die?

The story was usually fast and very interesting. But it wasn’t just the story that kept me reading but the way it was unfolded as well. Even the detailed and unnecessary scenes were interesting to read as they were beautifully written.

The book ends with Abbas getting a new case and I hope its penned down soon.


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