Book and Rain: together they freaked me out. (a bit)

I am a reader and it’s very rare that I step out of my house and don’t carry a book along. I usually have a bag back in which the book goes if my hands are occupied with other stuff. But it was not so busy day so I just carried a small purse, put my phone and some money in it and carried the book in my hand. Well, you can easily guess what happened.

The day went alright but just when I was on my way back to home it started raining. Sitting in the bus, near the window seat, I had two things in my mind. It’s so beautiful that it’s raining what do i do once I climb out and need to walk on my way home? It’s usual that when you’re enjoying yourself, time passes real quickly and thus soon I had to get off the bus and walk in the heavy rain.

It’s usually my favourite thing: to walk in rain but you can understand that enjoying the rain that day wasn’t easy for me. I’d lift my face, let the rain hit me directly and another second I would think, what if it gets fast? I hugged the book and covered it with my scarf. Well, it was protected till my scarf was dry. While I took water on my face and splashed the water, the feeling of my scarf getting wet was known to me but of course i couldn’t do anything. I tried to pick up my pace so that I will reach home safe but the beauty of rain was, as if, seducing me to go slower. I took a peek and found that some part of the book was slightly wet. I wrapped it again in my scarf but the scarf soon was dripping wet, leaving me more scared for my beloved book getting destroyed.

I was nearing home which was a relief because of the book but also a disappointment; it’s always my favourite thing to do, walking in rain. I took another peek of my book and found the upper left side of it slightly wet. It was quite a miracle for me to see my book not as wet as I expected. My next move might be called monstrous by book lovers but might get approved by rain-lovers like me.

I slowed my pace. I stretched my hands and the let the water hit me and the book in its full swing. I removed my sandals, bent down and picked them up with my free hand and then I was walking down the street, in the rain, water running into my feet, hands dangling and swinging my book and sandals and my chin a bit lifted, giving rain a good access to touch my face.

I was home too soon and with it came the panic. You know how the addicts of drugs and alcohol don’t feel the panic to deal with the hangover while drinking but start to think ones the effect wears out and hangover actually starts? Well, mine was a sacred addiction but panic came over just the same. I kept the book on the bed in my room without daring to look at it properly and went to dry myself.

I didn’t want to think about it and well, I tried my best not to and enjoyed the after – rain hot shower and cosy clothes I had changed into. Finally, I said my prayers and look towards the book. There were tiniest droplets on the sleek cover which can be a good thing: that the water didn’t get soaked into the pages. Still a bit scared, I picked it up and examined it closely. One cannot hope not to see ashes after a fire so I braced myself. The water had seeped into the edges on the two sides and the upper part was a bit wet. I ran to the kitchen with book in my hand and run the stove on.

My mother had taught me this technique to dry books and notebooks by fire without burning them when I soaked my bag pack once returning from school. I dried the book carefully. The damage wasn’t much so I didn’t had to work long. The pages were soon dry but curling on the edges but you see, I am not kind of a person who takes the loss of things seriously. Once I lost my wallet and phone didn’t cry and was normal in two hours. Many might call that insensitive but I call it not-being-materialistic.

I know that I was a bit reckless and my little stunt to enjoy rain might have ruined the book but you know what I think? I think that just as I underline the lines while reading make me remember how much I enjoyed that book, these curled edges will remind me how I got crazy in rain one day and enjoyed the short moments in spite of the consequences. And well, even if I wouldn’t have enjoyed the book was going to get ruined a bit so, what I did was alright, right?

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  1. Hi Adeena! I could feel your dilemma and experience running through the rain with you! It seems to me that you appreciate that life is short and we must enjoy the moments of joy when they come, not when they’re perfectly convenient. You knew there were risks, but you also weighed your options, knowing you would find a way to try and save the book! I think you worked it out just great 🙂 !!! You danced in the rain and saved your book. The two, as you point out, are now always connected as the pages remind you of your choice to live and enjoy life in the moment!!!

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