The ingredients are: cliches and thrill

The sound of vehicles, boys playing cricket, chattering girls returning from school, his voice, his strong and caring touch – all are mixing up, flowing through her veins and nerves, making her happy, sad, nauseous all at the same time. She wants to go somewhere far, far away…….from this chaotic thoughts, her messed up life and everything that is happening with her. She wants to forget the painful, indelible eon  of her life which was the most precious part of her once.

Name: If We Last
Ishita Banik
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Romance
Date of Publication: 20 March 2018
Publisher: Educreation Publishing
Source: Author

the story-e1556025963246

Reyansh is going through a tough time in his life where he has lost all the interests in his life. His true love, Mahika who has been in another city has blocked her from all of her sites and Reyansh have nothing but regret left for himself.

Avispa is a positive beautiful girl with number of admirers and a talent of seeing colours in everything. She finds herself immensely attracted to Reyansh and sees that she is live with him. Reyansh, though still in love with his ex-girlfriend finds Avispa’s presence soothing and is trying to get back into the world of happiness with the help of the golden girl. On the other hand, mysterious things are happening with Avispa which she doesn’t know how to handle with Reyansh, her exams and job.



The book is mixture of thrill and disappointments. The writing is not uniform. Sometimes the words get really awkward and uninteresting while sometimes they flow so well that it was fun to read them

The story is also a mixture of cliches and thrill. The love story part is well written but the mystery part is not. The author sometimes won’t reveal some of the facts out rightly instead kept them safe until the next chapter. This, though brought the reader to the edge, it was also annoying and made the mystery part look like it was forcefully made.

The characters were good and exactly what the story needed. If one was the depressing kind and always gloomy, then the other was bright and smiling. The conversation between the characters was cloudy and how they came close was something you get to read in the narration.

It was a fast story, things happening at the right pace but the time span wasn’t noted in a smooth way. The years and months passed without changing the grief of break up and that was too much.

Even with its faults, the book kept me up and I finished it in a day and a half. The writing was easy and simple so that might be the case. If We Last was the first book in the series and was ended on a cliff hanger and I can’t wait to see what the second one unfolds.



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