Building Memories!!!!

Isn’t it amazing how small and silly things make you happy. Like I squeal with joy when I remove the dust jacket off a book and touch the cover . I call these little things: surprises, even when I know what’s beneath that dust jacket, even if I have seen it a hundred times, it’d still make me smile. So I had this idea I am working on right now. See, my shelf (like yours) is brimming with books and not a single place is empty. Now, I like to try different looks for my room every now and then, so, I removed some books making the shelf look a bit empty and then I am painting something or other on the wall of the shelf.

See, someday, when I will get more books I will pile them again on the shelf and that will hide away the painting and then when I will be just going through my books, taking off this and putting up that, I will see a stroke of colour and will remember how I painted it and then just to look at it I will remove all the books and go down to the memory lane and smile. I know it’s silly but hey, what’s life without it then?

6 thoughts on “Building Memories!!!!

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  1. I love that you treat yourself with special kindness! Like knowing you love surprises, so making sure you will have one in the future when you can see your painting behind the books!!! Great entry, Adeena!!!

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