My love, my darling!

My love might not start with unselfishness. My love might not look as strong as yours. My love might not impress you with its proposals. But my love, it is pure, it lives no matter how I survive in this. My love don’t talk but hopes for the best to come. My love doesn’t go around announcing itself, but look for the signs, that’s where you’d find the real confessions. My love don’t write itself in love letters, my love doesn’t want to talk all the time for it loves to remember you from the memories and longs for you. My love doesn’t want you to smile all the time, for it also wants to dry your tears. My love becomes selfless slowly, with time, it gets attached to you, hopelessly, never to be detached. My love,unlike yours, is honest. Talking bitter with sweet, for love is not just smiles and roses.

So yes,even if you don’t know it, even if you don’t understand. Even when you blame me to be insensitive, my love is far greater than yours. My love, my darling, is so much purer and honest then yours.

And remember, I will keep loving you even if you don’t love me back with same love because may be you were the one to fall first in this trap. I fell in it slowly and deliberately; knowing the trap and not wanting to leave it, ever.

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      1. THIS IS AMAZING! I just love the line “My love doesn’t want you to smile all the time, for it also wants to dry your tears” 😍😢😭 and the last line.. so true !

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