Dairy #8

One cannot be non materialistic in this world where emotions and feelings are no longer real. Maybe there was a time when a promise was something, where a kiss was only for a beloved, where marriage was a bond of souls; but no more. Not in this era. So how can he judge me when I asked for that delicate diamond ring in return of my forgiveness. Oh, by the way, it was him who wad begging for my forgiveness as if his conscience is nagging him all the time. He was the one to say, ‘I’ll do anything you want,’ and now I want him to buy me that diamond ring. And then he gives me this look of hurt. I mean, what waf he expecting! That I’d say: ‘promise me, baby, you’ll never do such thing, ever’? He must not be expecting that because he himself know his promises are as hollow as his love so I should just thought that next time he is about to do such a thing again, he’d remember the bill of my forgiveness.

And to tell the truth, he don’t have any right to judge me. Because if he is not so materialistic himself than he won’t mind loosing some notes for me.

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  1. Perfect line: “…that next time he is about to do such a thing again, he’d remember the bill of my forgiveness.” I sadly agree with your post, Adeena! I think what is lost is the ability for people to make thoughtful, respectful decisions just because they are the RIGHT thing to do!!! It seems people won’t hesitate to behave badly unless someone else makes them “pay” for it (with money or consequences). This is a sad 😦 !

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