Conscience: better without it.

Conscience: a person’s moral sense of right and wrong, viewed as acting as a guide to ones behaviour but you know how I’d like to define it. A feeling of constant guilt and pity.

I envy those who don’t have any of it. What’s the use of conscience if the whole world is doing wrong and living in constant guilt and then there are some who don’t have it. Let me rephrase that: and there are rest who don’t have any and trust me, they are better off without it. I mean, what special have I done with it. I used to be proud of it, that while doing something wrong I understand it and then stop it when I find it wrong or evil but that was when I was naive, when I wasn’t force to choose wrong, when I had the advantage of invisibility. But then I stepped out into the world and hell with my conscience because with its existence, life is way more difficult than it could have been without it.
Why does it matter now whether I know this wrong or right because in the end I’ll have to do the wrong, without my choice. And then live with the knowledge. Killing myself every second, planning to escape out of the situations that make me do such things but then I have to do again and again and again and I keep killing myself with every deed.
I wish I had no conscience to start with, I wish I was as black as rest of them but…..should I be making such wishes? Wouldn’t it be wrong to be ungrateful for what I have?

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  1. Having a conscience is the best thing there is. You know what is right and wrong. But then it’s the worse when you commit a mistake..then your conscience won’t let you live.

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  2. Your kindness, by the way, has always warmed my heart, Adeena!!! You are remarkable and supportive!!! And I thank you 🙂 !!!

    Also…your posts always make me think. This one especially.

    So this is my recap of what I understood from your post:

    When a person has a very strong sense of right and wrong, it can be very difficult to live and function alongside people who care more about what they WANT than what is RIGHT. This difficulty can make the person who has a strong conscience wonder if they should give it up and live an easier life, free from guilt or feeling bad.

    Now my opinion…

    For me, it depends on how a person views the purpose of life.

    For those who believe there is nothing beyond this life and they have no “higher power” to answer to but themselves, I can see how they might consider giving up on their conscience. Maybe they start living their life trying to get everything they want, only without guilt. And maybe they start trying to fit in with the crowd who doesn’t care about having a conscience.

    For those who believe there is spiritual life beyond this one, I can see how they might keep trying to do right, even when it becomes difficult. Because their spirit just can’t thrive, can’t find happiness, without trying to do right!

    That’s me; I keep trying. If I mess up, which I do, I’ve learned to forgive myself and then keep trying HARDER. And I also don’t enjoy hanging around others who don’t care about the negative consequences of their behaviors. I try not to judge them, it’s just that their behaviors usually aren’t a good fit for my life goals and we part ways.

    So again, I think we can each choose how we view this life…as “the end” (no conscience required) or as an opportunity to learn for the “next phase” (conscience required). And we should try and find people who are supportive of us and our life goals.

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    1. You’re a angel Julia and your comments are one of those things I look forward to. I totally support your views and am so, so glad that you keep trying. Yes, it might get difficult but in the end of the day you will be proud that you did the right thing, no matter the barriers and people who kept showing their wrong deeds didn’t influence. I am proud to know you.

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