What does one do?

In my religion, it is a sin to commit suicide. Also one shouldn’t wish one death for such actions are called as the act of ungratefulness. “I didn’t ask for this life,” is quite a common saying when people are leading unhappy life. Well, you never said that line while eating your favorite dish or in the arms of your lover.

I am not fighting for anyone or anything, just have one question. What is one supposed to do when they are tired of living? An old man who is about to cross nineties but is ill, on bed and need help of machine used to simply breathe, how he is living? Okay, there was a pathetic example, so, I’ll give you one more. What about a man who soon will get married to the love of his life but he is tired of earning and spending it, getting ready for offices, for people, for world, what does he do? A girl who don’t have much in her life, not stress nor any interest and she is simply tired of living, what does she do? “Just go on living’? Isn’t as simple as it sounds for it costs effort and that’s what is tiring.
So if one is not depressed enough to commit suicide but don’t want to live what does he do?

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