Review: Villains Never Die

“In this world, the lines of good and evil are not so stark. Here, heroes may never be forgotten, but villains never die.”

Villains Never Die by Nick DeWolf

Name: Villains Never Die

Genre: Thriller, Scifi

Publication Date: 22nd January, 2019

Publication House: Vintage City Publishing

Source: Author

It started when the warehouse exploded. But not really. The moment when Japan was nearly destroyed. But not quite. When the world’s greatest heroes came together to fight the Triad of Evil, it began. But still, no. The moment Doctor Dendrite became the world’s most feared man.
Almost there.
History is coming to a head. The military is moving in the shadows. Evil, thought to be long gone, reemerges, while plans made decades ago are set in motion. The world is crumbling, and at the center of a hurricane of chaos are three people who will change everything.
An old villain.
A new hero.
And a wayward girl.
One’s been planning. The other’s been training. And the third?
She’s in way, way over her head.

Villains are the most interesting thing in a story for me and a villain with super powers is like a heaven.

The start of the book was very confusing with the three chapters with three different narrators but it soon made sense that who was who.

The back story of the villains was full of feelings and made totally sense. I love how the author focused on villains being bad but not evil. It made the Triad my favourite and hate the grandous Captain Turbo *eye roll*

The only hero i loved was Lux and that too because he was a little bit innocent and didn’t know what half bad things were going on. The Wraith was my absolute favourite. Her being badass and not talking much made hee myseterious even when i knew her whole story. She was the best villain and kept everything in line. As i said, all thr villains were more attractive and interesting then any villain.

The three narrators were divided among villain, hero and one person in middle who was neither a villain nor a hero.

The character development of the book was amazing and i love how all the chractaers showed diversity and had charcaterstics according to their role. The only character that didn’t fit any was Candance who was over reactive and over dramatic and after knowing her history i was very disappointed in the author because he used that same old back ground for her.

The origin was very much like Renegades where there was a team of heores and another of villain and the whole world was still afraid of that one villain teach who at their times, were source of dread.

I love the story, the characters, ther plot and all the twists..they were shockinmg enough to send me to the edge of my chair.

The only thing to disappoint me was the confusion that was caused in the starting and the end and the fighting scenes, they were not written very well.

I have not much expectrations for the sequel of the book but I’d love to see how the only villain is going to take the revenge of all the old stories.

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