I love you

I was weak to trust you with my tears, I have been stupid to trust you with my secrets. I won’t say you don’t deserve them, because you deserve everything that is mine the moment I started loving you. It’s just that I can’t trust you with them because love, tears, secrets don’t have to go in the same box. Not everyone I love need to know how I look when I cry, not everyone of them need to know what I am ashamed of or what my dark desires are, what my dark side is. So forgive me if I have burdened you but not anymore. 

I won’t stop loving you. I will still laugh with you tease about everything I used to to tease about before, I would continue to gaze at you moving around the room, I would still take care of you but I won’t be able to tell you me most personal secrets anymore. 

May be someday in future when you ask for them, but I am not hoping, no, I am not thinking, I am not looking forward to that day. I am simply loving you with all my heart and not asking anything in return.

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  1. Somehow I can relate this. We want to be with him, without sharing anything personal. It just make us rely on him for emotional support and then end up with separation because nothing more is good. More we get dependent, more we fear to feel alone…

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