Release Day!

Happy release day to THE VERITAS PROJECT! Want to get your hands on some exclusive, limited time bonus content? Grab your copy of the ebook or the paperback this week and you’ll also get:

1. A BONUS CHAPTER, not available anywhere else

2. Discussion questions suitable for classroom Socratic seminars or book clubs

3. 7 unique phone backgrounds, including exclusive character art

Act quickly, since this bonus content is only available THIS WEEK. The sale price ends after this week too, so why wait? (Bonus content included with book purchase.)

Book blurb:

All evening, I’ve been conscious of other eyes behind mine, other watchers in my brain. I’m ready to end that.

Valeria the Fifth is losing her identity. Part of an elite research collective, she is forced to share her thoughts every week with those around her. With her boss. With her friends. With her crush.

And each week, she loses a little more of herself, a little more of what makes her unique, as she gains the knowledge and memories of her peers.

Freedom to make her own choices will mean freedom to make her own mistakes too, and the price for some mistakes is higher than she can pay.

“C.F.E. Black stuns with her smart, science fiction debut, perfect for fans of Divergent and Black Mirror.” – author Caroline George

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