Review: The Part I Left With You.

‘Of course I am unhappy, almost every creative person is. They are always unsettled with the things around them. That is why they are pushed to create new things as an escape from or as a response to reality. If they were happy with the world around them, they would never feel the urge to create anything new. It’s plain logic. We would keep listening to the same music, keep watching the same movies, keep reading the same books, keep using the same instruments and equipment’

I loved how each character had their own theory on love. The book reminded me how we, people, rarely agrees each other on anything. I loved how the author gave Ratna and Ronit different definition for love and life and struggles and dreams. It was so admirable to read their thought based on their ages and the part of love they were in.
I wish there was more of those flashbacks from Ratna’s life. I feel that her story remains incomplete.
In fact, the story of Nitasha felt incomplete to me too. I felt as if the thing that she won’t think about Ronit anymore wasn’t made the strong enough point. It was kind of a backdrop of the story.
I didn’t the part that both, Ronit and Nitasha had to come across a girl and a boy, respectively, to give them their senses of life back. Why it wasn’t a friend from past or someone much older than them? Why it had to be a person who was I tested to have a relationship with them?
The writing style, the characters painted were quite interesting and inspirational.
It was a slow as well as a fast read. I guess it would do a trick to those who are suffering from writing block

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