Review: Beginning of Motherhood

Pregnancy is a phase where mothers have an opportunity to free themselves from any chronic disease because the body is in a state of overhaul and presents the best of its strength.


This book provides a unique opportunity to expecting women to gain information from the perspective of a parent as well as a health consultant.

It is a treasure trove for curious individuals looking for authentic knowledge on pregnancy. The book would be a very useful tool for couples planning to conceive and individuals assisting others during pregnancy. The book covers diet, lifestyle tips and techniques, Ayurvedic medicines, natural effective remedies, delicious healthy recipes, water birthing and home births, pregnancy myths, pregnancy medication and resources as well as tips for healthier mind and lots more, all based on a holistic approach and the valued knowledge derived from traditional practices and modern science. A curated bank of knowledge is shared on all the phases of pregnancy to empower the reader on when to do what.


I wish I had read this book three years ago and understood the birthing much more throughly. This book is amazing and gives such a great insight on every colour of being, not just a mother but a parent.
I love the way it is classier into preparations, then pregnancy, months of pregnancy as it goes, post delivery periods. I loved the tips given on baby’s well being, recipes and most of all, I loved the charts given to be filled in the seventh month section.
The only thing I didn’t like much about was that the author only recommended ayurveda herbs and medicines for the mother. True that the ayurveda is amazing and doesn’t not give any side effects but I feel that there should have been options. Also, I felt that sometimes the content was repeated again and again, like the lifestyle part was almost same throughout the pregnancy, there wasn’t any need to repeat the whole thing but instead the author could have made it brief in all the other later chapters.
I loved the overall matter of the book and the recipes of ghutti, snacks ideas, practicing positions before delivery was a good part to learn. But most of all, I loved how the author made a mash up of traditional and modern knowledge and gave the best info from it. This is definitely a book I will be recommending to any mother to be and saving it for my second time too.

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