Review: Pure Evil: The Bad Men of Bollywood

‘Ye murder hoga Lolita, jaanti ho? Murder! (This is murder Lolita, do you realize? Murder!)’, says Vishal. Lolita replies, ‘Mm … hmm (disagrees). Zyada se zyada mercy killing hogi. Jab kisi ghode ki taang toot jati hai, to usse shoot nahi kar dete kya? … Kisi ko shaq bhi nahi hoga Vishal (No, it would not be a murder. At most it would be termed a mercy killing. Don’t they shoot a lame horse dead? No one will suspect a thing, Vishal).’ These lines are spoken by Lolita (Rashmi) in Ek Nari Do Roop (1972),


Sholay (1975): Gabbar chops off Thakur’s arms with a sword in each hand.

Karz (1980): Kamini murders her husband by ramming him repeatedly with a jeep.

Mr. India (1987): Mogambo kills hundreds of innocent citizens.

No, you don’t want to meet these Bollywood baddies in a dark alley; you may not escape with your life if you do.

In Pure Evil, Balaji Vittal examines, in delicious detail, the misdeeds of the gangster, the sly relative, the corrupt policeman, the psychopathic killer…

A rollercoaster ride, looking at the changing face of the Hindi film villain.

My Review:

It is a very interesting book of one is looking for bollywwod movies recommendation based on their villains.
I liked how the author have classified the movies according to the types of villains we had in past. It must have taken a lot of reaserch and I really feel amazed by it.
The author have added a few minor interviews he had with the relatives of certain actor or director amd it gives a new insight on the making of the film. The dialogues of 90’s films at the start of some chapters added the spice to the reading. One cannot just read a dialogue and not recall the character behind. The author chose wisely on these dialogues, the famous ones, the effective ones. One cannot help but recall the voice, the scene, the character behind the dialogue.
I am amzomed by the research done for the book again and again. The author have usually named the old time films but one can see the references of new ones too and the latest I noticed was of 2019.
The author also made a couple of pages for notes, references interview, critic from a newspaper, sharing the link etc.
All in all, it’s a very through book though I felt like the last few chapters after the chapter of Don, were a drag.

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