A gentle reminder to self

This is life and its not supposed to be all giddy and sweet and full of well dressed drama. No, this is life, where things are grey and colourful and sad and happy and tears and so many things that you get tired counting and sometimes just want a proper nap.

But not even that, life is, I have recently discovered, is about, reading the signs, finding courage, over coming my failures, accepting my excuses and let them go.

I know I don’t usually write about life in this way but I am trying to come back to writing and it’s not easy but out of no where, I was messaged by a very old friend, that he used to look forward to my blog posts. It was hope, it was happiness, it was so many things that I can’t put into words but most of all, it was a decision, to write and post again. At least once a week, no matter what!

So, here I am, welcome myself into this world of creativity. May all the strangers who follow me be happy to see me back and may I get such love that I want to write everyday and even if I don’t, I won’t back down!

Let me mark this day for myself, the very next day of my 26th birthday, not ever gonna think that I have done nothing in my life!

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