The Sky!

The sky is moody these days and sometimes I can’t help but think, if a woman talks to the sky, it would understand her better than any man because they both go through mood swings at that level.

So, the sky is moody these days. It is sometimes so bright that it hurt the eyes and sometimes it’s so dark that one can’t help but wonder, is it sad or angry? And then it starts pouring sometimes without any warning and displays rainbows. Now rainbows are supposed to be a sign of happiness because who can think of colours and not be cheerful? But may be rainbow is just a side effect of that sudden rain and it has nothing to do with sky being happy.

And then there are nights where not even the moon is visible and sometimes moon is trying to get itself untangled from the crowd of clouds. I wonder what sky think of these little quarrels, the fight for display!

Some nights is so, so very dark that it feels like it has closed itself up on everyone, and sometimes there is dance of clouds going on there under the moonlight, making one wonder of the aurora one can only read about in books.

I wonder if I can talk to sky, I wonder if I can understand what makes him happy, sad and angry, I wonder if I will discover new emotions if we talk and then I wonder is sky actually as poetic as I think of it or its really what what geographical channels say it is, jus space.

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