Book Review: The Pink Beagle


How do you decide when to enter into a global business and whom to seek advice for the correct strategy? What all factors will you consider when you enter any new market outside your home country or whose opinion will you seek in case you are new in the export-import business? Do you base your decision on the fancy website that has been created by some agency in a remote corner or will you base your decision on the number of likes the adviser is having on YouTube or social media

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First of all, look at this cover! It is so pretty!!!
The content inside is useful too. What I loved most about the book was that it does not use any difficult terminologies.
The language was easy to read and the examples were totally practical ones and not the one off a textbook.
I liked when the author mentioned Boston Tea Party, while he talks about the international business and investment, it was one of my favourite historical events.
The author kept the book interesting almost though all the chapters. The lovable thing about this book is that it can be reread and there will be more meaning to it as one gets to know the marketing better and better.
It is a very good book for those who don’t have a marketing background amd looking a read for it.


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