My Magical Vision!

I hate my phone camera! It never capturs what I intend to capture with it. It is always a bit too late. It never shares the magic I see. It is always focusing on the mundane things while I am trying to get it to see magic. It gets the light wrong and never gets the pics from the exact same angle I want it to.

I am not saying that my phone camera is bad. No, its quite good, my complaint is, it listens to the system and the lens while I want it to work with me.

I want it to capture these yellow, dirty walls under the sunlight filtering through the curtains but it simply whitens them somehow. I want it to focus on the small droplets the rain left on my balcony railings but nope, it focuses on the stream running down on the pavement.

Yes, it clicks good pictures but I want it to capture magical things for me so that long after clicking the picture, when one random day I am going through my gallery because I don’t want to do anything else and the world feels grey and the people are just noise, I want to look at these pictures and think of the time when I saw these little things and I got to capture it somehow and I know it will bring smiles to me because this is what I do, I like something just ’cause….no reason, at all.

But my phone camera doesn’t get it and I hate it for this.


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